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Our full array of resources are designed to dramatically deepen your worship team’s understanding of worship and improve your church’s worship experience. “The Power of 1°” is a one-year weekly devotional book specifically written with worship teams in mind to help recalibrate their minds and hearts to focus on what worship is supposed to be about: Christ. The Leader’s Guide gives the Worship Leader everything they need to lead and facilitate the devotional, while the Participant’s Guide can be used by the team members to follow along during the devotionals. We have included fresh, new worship songs for you to lead with along with revised hymns that give the original hymn a new depth and breadth of impact. Finally, full orchestrations are written by the illustratious Michael Raehpour and can be used from some music teams to entire orchestras. Check these resources out to see which ones can make the greatest impact for you and your worship ministry!

"The Power of 1°

(Leader’s Guide)

The Power of 1° is a one-year (52-week) devotional series specifically designed for worship ministries. It takes 5 minutes for each practice and gives your team members the opportunity to refocus their attention on what worship should be about: Jesus. There is also a Participant’s Guide that your team members can use to follow along, make notes, and more. Click below to purchase either the Leader’s Guide or Participant’s Guide directly from Amazon.

Free Worship Songs

Several fresh, new songs have been written along with modified hymns to help expand your church’s music palette. Whether you are looking for a powerful song such as “Limitless” or a lyrically rich song such as “The Grace of God” or even a fresh look at a modern hymn such as “I Need Thee Every Hour”, we have what you need. These doctrinally rich worship songs are provided here for FREE for your church’s use.

"The Power of 1°"

(Participant’s Guide)

The Participant’s Guide is specifically designed with the worship team members in mind and designed to accompany the Leader’s Guide. It is a great accompaniment for each team member to use to follow along, take notes in, and much more. A Leader’s Guide will be required for the Participant’s Guides to be productive and useful. Click below to purchase either the Leader’s Guide or Participant’s Guide directly from Amazon.

Full Orchestrations

Whether you have a small band or an entire orchestra, these Full Orchestrations. will be vitale for your music repetoire. Written by the prestigious Michael Raehpour, these orchestrations are a must-have. They include orchestrations for modern and revised hymn and contemporary songs. The corresponding chord charts for many of these songs can be found for FREE under “Free Worship Songs.” Click below to learn more.