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Worship Service Assessments

We assess your worship in 20+ categories and give you action steps to help your worship be biblically sound and congregationally engaging.

Worship Team Insights

You will more accurately understand the strengths and weaknesses of your worship team(s) in 25+ categories.

Custom Worship Consulting Solutions

Our custom worship consulting solutions adjust to your unique church, depending on your church’s needs, availability, and priorities.



“Equipping Pastors, Worship Leaders, and Churches
to provide
Gospel-Centric, Congregationally-Engaging Worship.”

Additional Resources:

Below are additional resources we offer. This includes a one-year devotional book for worship ministries, fresh, new worship songs for your congregation and full orchestrations for orchestras of all sizes.

“The Power of 1°”
(Leader’s Guide)

The Power of 1° is a one-year (52-week) devotional series specifically designed for worship ministries.

“The Power of 1°”
(Participant’s Guide)

Worship team members can follow along during the studies and take notes during each devotional.

Free Worship Songs

Several modified hymns along with original worship charts are provided for your church’s use.

Full Orchestrations

Entire orchestrations of many hymns and worship songs.

Give us 30 Minutes…

Not sure if Worship Consulting is right for your church’s situation? Give us 30 minutes to hear your story, learn about your situation and see if what we have to offer may be right for you.

Mark Mattingly

Worship Consultant

With 30 years experience as a worship leader, nearly 20 years experience as a worship consultant, and a Masters degree in Worship Leadership, Mark brings a vast amount of experience regarding worship. He has experienced the good, the bad, and the extremely difficult church environment and  brings a healthy perspective to struggling, challenging, and even unhealthy situations.

Our Approach

We see worship as bringing glory to God through any means possible. While worship occurs through many avenues, our emphasis is focused primarily on music and worship services. This is done through a biblical approach rather than simply selecting the most popular songs, styles, or imitating other churches.

Our Process

We understand that, like fingerprints, every church is unique. We begin by getting to know you and your unique traits and characteristics. We assess your church through a biblical lens and provide you with sound, Christ-honoring advice on how you can improve your church’s worship experience.

Unique Framework

We are passionate and feel called to help churches achieve the greatest, most Christ-honoring worship possible. We take great pride in crafting worship solutions that work specifically for your church. Every church requires a customized solution that fits within their unique structure and situation.

The Power of 1° – Devotional Book

The Power of 1° is a 52-week devotional book design specifically for worship ministries. Each week, your worship leader (or other leader) can lead your team through a 5-minute devotional that lays the foundation for spiritual worship to occur. There is a Leader’s Guide to lead from, while team members can follow along and make notes in the Participant’s Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

what is worship consulting and how does it work?

Worship is so much more than simply great music! We take a wholistic approach to the entire worship service. We assess everything during the service except the sermon (unless requested).

We have an initial discovery conversation with you to learn about you, your church, and your unique circumstances. Once we understand your challenges and struggles, we present solutions that can work for your unique situation. You decide which solution(s) work best for you, then we partner with you to help improve your church’s worship experience.

Do you offer customized solutions?

Yes. Since every church is unique and each worship environment has its own challenges, we customize most of our solutions to your individual environment. While there are a few items that are fairly standard, (Worship Service Assessments, for example), the vast majority of the solutions we offer are customized to your specific needs.

How much does worship consulting cost?

Our solutions vary as wide as the uniqueness of each and every church. Often we can provide you with simple, quick solutions over the phone, which may not cost you anything!  Other solutions range from low-cost to very extensive solutions. You will never be surprised with any charges for any services without your approval and knowledge first.  We know church budgets are often tight, so we do our best to work within your financial needs.

when will the consulting take place?

We understand just how busy you are as a pastor, worship leader, and/or lay-leader. We work within your schedule (and ours) to find the best possible solution to help you solve your worship challenges.

Who do you work with when you consult?

Solving most worship-related problems within churches requires a multi-faceted approach. Rarely is it only one issue affecting everything. We work with pastors, worship leaders, teams/committees, etc. It usually works best when we have one (or maybe two) main contacts within a church, so we streamline communications and processes.

How long does the worship consulting last?

Every church is unique, so it varies based on the circumstances. Sometimes it is a quick phone call or ZOOM call. Other times it is working through a Worship Service Assessment, doing a Worship Workshop, an ongoing mentoring relationship, or more extensive worship consulting needs. Once we go through the initial Discovery conversation, we will have a much clearer perspective on what the needs may be.

Bob Weber

“Mark needs to be added to your team!”

“It is my great pleasure to insist that you add Mark to your Ministry Team as your Worship and Ministry Consultant! Mark joined my Ministry Team at ClearPoint Church at one of the most strategic seasons in the life of our new start congregation. We were only two plus years old when the Lord led us to His capable servant, Mark. It was through his consulting ministry with ClearPoint that we were able to witness the deepened commitment of our Worship Team members in cultivating their personal love relationships with Christ which is the foundation for all effective worship leadership. Mark also inspired community building among our team members that brought a small group leader to the surface and knitted our Team together in cell life at ClearPoint. God continues to bear His fruit in the lives of these dear people on mission for Christ! Marks heart for communicating the Gospel is obvious and infectious! He knows how to partner with a Senior Pastor to craft a weekly worship experience that is designed to flow the theme of the Celebration throughout the entirety of the service. Mark is more than capable as a vocalist and congregational worship leader. He understands the spiritual dynamics of communicating the life of Christ through each musical selection, and he has the voice, the skill and the joy of the Spirit as he ministers. If you are anxious to train your Team to grow into the demanding, yet satisfying roles of worship leadership, Mark needs to be added to your team! You will benefit from the Workshops and Seminars that he has designed (and teaches quite effectively!) for those who stand on the front lines of leading your weekly worship celebration. You will be blessed by your ministry partner who understands the technical as well as the spiritual elements of making worship central AND meaningful to your congregation. I found Mark to be a trusted friend and confidant. He offered me perspectives and insights that I simply needed to know as Senior Pastor. He shared my heart and my vision, and strengthened my weaknesses. In the weeks that Mark served ClearPoint as our Worship Consultant, I was blessed with a trusted and reliable partner in ministry. If you are in need of a gifted, mature, vibrant, Christ centered and Biblically sound partner for short term ministry and consulting contact Mark Mattingly TODAY!”

Harry Stoorza

“I can’t say enough about Mark Mattingly…”

I can’t say enough about Mark Mattingly. He has been a huge help to both our church and me personally, as the Senior Pastor. I have observed him raise the level of our worship both musically and spiritually. He is spiritually mature and an extremely talented vocalist and keyboardist. I have watched him use his many years of experience to become a respected leader at our church, not only to our new believers but also to our seasoned Christians. He also puts forth the time and effort to personally work on developing others in becoming leaders within our church. Mark understands that our worship team’s vision must follow my vision for the church as the Senior Pastor. In fulfilling this, he supports and provides input to me, as appropriate. He never accepts mediocrity as a solution and challenges everyone around him to become the best they can be for Christ. His greatest contribution has been to me. He is a faithful voice to speak the truth to me, in love. He has a firm grasp on my vision for the church and has been a great influence on keeping me on track. He understands when to be silent and when to speak his mind. What a great asset to me and to our church. If I had the chance to work with him again, I would do it in a heartbeat. I would recommend him to any church looking to improve their worship experience.

Ed Longabaugh

“The team clamored for more… Please bring Mark back.”

“Our worship team has been in a time of transition between directors. Mark gave a Saturday retreat for them, which included teaching and coaching. When it was over, the team clamored for more – We need at least three more workshops, said one musician. Please bring Mark back.”

Lonnie Johnson

“Would readily use Mark again…”

I want to thoroughly recommend Mark Mattingly to consult with your church in its quest to worship the Lord. Mark is an exceptional young man with a heart of commitment to the Lord and the local church. Mark has an understanding of the pastor’s desire to see his church more committed to experiencing worship through music. He is willing to take time to see where your church is at in the area of music and then respond as to not offend those who are serving in that area, whether volunteer or paid staff. He is a gifted musician and will be a positive influence with those he works with in the local church setting. I thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts on Mark, and would readily use Mark in my church setting again.

Other Testimonials…

The FBC Worship Workshop was excellent! The presenter was extremely knowledgeable, well-prepared and engaging. He shared several helpful tips that will enhance our ability to minister through worship. Especially impactful was how Mark highlighted the importance of nonverbal communication and its impact on connecting with the audience…

– Erica F.

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