Z – “The Power of 1º” – Devotional Book

What devotional series are you leading your worship team through? 
Lead them with “The Power of 1º ” 

The Power of 1º” is a one-year devotional series specifically designed for worship ministries. It seeks to align worship leaders and team members with what God intended worship to be about:  Him.  To become better leaders of worship, it is imperative we get to know God, the object of our worship, better.
By using “The Power of 1º” over the next 52 weeks, you and your team will embark on an adventure to learn more about God and worship.  Your team will be challenged through these five-minute weekly devotionals to see worship from God’s perspective and align their hearts with His.  “The Power of 1º, Leader’s Guide” will help you lead your team while each team member can follow along in their own “The Power of 1º, Participant’s Guide”.

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