Customized solutions…

Below are several excellent orchestrations you can use to take your orchestra to a whole new level. Take a look around and let us know if you have any questions.

A few of our Worship Consulting Solutions…

Below are an array of solutions we offer to help improve your church’s worship experience. In addition to this, we are constantly developing new resources that can make an enormous impact in providing biblically strong worship experiences.

A New Song We Sing (O Worship the King)

We assess your worship service in 20+ categories and give you action steps to help your worship be biblically sound, Christ-honoring, and congregationally engaging. The insights you gain from each Worship Service Assessment will be invaluable in giving you the tools to improve your worship experience. This is a great resource specifically designed to improve your church’s worship.

Worship Workshops

Worship Workshops are a very intentional workshops specifically designed for your church. We come to your church, lead your team in one or more worship workshops to hone their skills. A few of these workshops include:

  • Spiritual Growth Workshop
  • Worship Leader Workshop
  • The Vocalist Workshop
  • Instrumentalists Workshop
  • Stage Presence Workshop
  • Understanding Your Worship Community
  • Support Team Workshop

Hiring the "Right" Worship Leader

Hiring the wrong worship leader can be devastating. Hiring the right one is essential. We are here to help. This requires an in-depth understanding of your church, what you desire from your worship experience, the characteristics and qualities of the worship leader, their musical and spiritual maturity, and much more. We are here to walk alongside you every step of the way.

Virtual Auditions

Virtual Auditions are a great way to get an outside perspective on the quality of your vocalists and instrumentalists. This is a good solution for worship leaders who don’t like doing auditions but need to do them, would like to get an outside perspective of each person, don’t want to hurt people’s feelings, etc.

Worship Team Member Insights

Do you wish you could get a better understanding of the people within your worship ministry? Answering questions like, “Do you see yourself involved in our ministry in one year from now” can help give you the confidence and insights to your team. We have a 40-Question anonymous questionnaire that gives you valuable insights into your team members.

Custom Worship Solutions

Our custom worship consulting solutions vary greatly, depending on your church’s needs, availability, and priorities. A few of these solutions include:

  • Worship Leader mentoring
  • Weekly Worship Assessments
  • Spiritual Growth Coaching
  • Advanced Coaching
  • Custom Worship Workshops
  • Worship Modeling (on-site)
  • Worship Speaking Engagement
  • Much more…