A – Hiring a Worship Leader

Hiring a Worship Leader

Hiring the “right” worship leader for your church can be an overwhelming task. Questions arise and if not handled properly, it can be devastating for any church.  Questions like:

     – Do you know what are some of the best questions to ask?
     – How do you truly get to know them and how they will fit within your team?
     – How do you properly vet the strong leaders from the weak leaders?
     – Do you know what a worship leader is looking for in a long-term position?
     – Are you appropriately positioned to attract the best worship leader for your church?
     – Is your proposed compensation package truly attractive and appropriate?

With our vast experience in working with worship leaders, we can help you. Whether you are looking for some specific guidance or a more comprehensive solution, we are here to help you on your journey. Here are a few ways we can help:

Church Analysis of Worship Leader Needs
We work with you and your leadership/search team to properly assess and analyze what your specific needs are for a worship leader.  This includes a Needs Assessment and a Worship Leader Profile for your unique church.

Identification of Potential Candidates
We will craft and deliver your job description message to the most prominent sites to attract strong potential worship leader candidates to your church.  We will then collect their resumes to be appropriately vetted.

Vetting of Potential Candidates
We apply a Needs Assessment and Worship Leader Profile to the candidate base and effectively narrow down the candidate prospect list to a manageable level (typically 3-5 candidates).

Recommendation of Top Worship Leader Prospects
After narrowing down the candidates, we apply a more extensive analysis of the final candidates to give you a recommendation of the best candidate(s) and how we came to our conclusions.  This can include a Personality Profile to see how they will fit within your staff and church structure.

Coaching your New Worship Leader
To help your new worship leader get the best start possible, we provide initial coaching and mentoring to them.  This is done through video conferencing, phone meetings, etc.