Z – Custom Worship Consulting Solutions

Custom Worship Consulting Solutions

We also provide customized solutions in a wide range of areas. Here are just a few examples… 

Coaching and Mentoring new Worship Leaders
Do you have a worship leader that has a “lot of potential” but needs some additional help?  We customize coaching solutions with them – from weekly, bi-weekly and monthly phone calls to targeted coaching calls, evaluating services and more, we are here to help.

Worship Transitioning
Is your church going through a time of “transition”?  Whether it’s a change in leadership, worship style adjustments and other changes, we walk along side you at the pace and intensity that works best for you.

Difficult Church Situations
We specialize in helping church navigate difficult situations – both worship-related and otherwise.  Share with us what you are going through and see how we can help most.

Senior Pastor / Worship Leader Relationships
Is there tension, disagreements and misunderstandings between the senior pastor and worship leader?  We can help mediate conversations and communications between the two to provide reconciliation and bring you both to the same page.

Coaching your New Worship Leader
To help your new worship leader get the best start possible, we provide initial coaching and mentoring to them.  This is done through video conferencing, phone meetings, etc.