It is my great pleasure to insist that you add Mark to your Ministry Team as your Worship and Ministry Consultant! Mark joined my Ministry Team at ClearPoint Church at one of the most strategic seasons in the life of our new start congregation. We were only two plus years old when the Lord led us to His capable servant, Mark. It was through his consulting ministry with ClearPoint that we were able to witness the deepened commitment of our Worship Team members in cultivating their personal love relationships with Christ which is the foundation for all effective worship leadership. Mark also inspired community building among our team members that brought a small group leader to the surface and knitted our Team together in cell life at ClearPoint. God continues to bear His fruit in the lives of these dear people on mission for Christ! Marks heart for communicating the Gospel is obvious and infectious! He knows how to partner with a Senior Pastor to craft a weekly worship experience that is designed to flow the theme of the Celebration throughout the entirety of the service. Mark is more than capable as a vocalist and congregational worship leader. He understands the spiritual dynamics of communicating the life of Christ through each musical selection, and he has the voice, the skill and the joy of the Spirit as he ministers. If you are anxious to train your Team to grow into the demanding, yet satisfying roles of worship leadership, Mark needs to be added to your team! You will benefit from the Workshops and Seminars that he has designed (and teaches quite effectively!) for those who stand on the front lines of leading your weekly worship celebration. You will be blessed by your ministry partner who understands the technical as well as the spiritual elements of making worship central AND meaningful to your congregation. I found Mark to be a trusted friend and confidant. He offered me perspectives and insights that I simply needed to know as Senior Pastor. He shared my heart and my vision, and strengthened my weaknesses. In the weeks that Mark served ClearPoint as our Worship Consultant, I was blessed with a trusted and reliable partner in ministry. If you are in need of a gifted, mature, vibrant, Christ centered and Biblically sound partner for short term ministry and consulting contact Mark Mattingly TODAY!