I can’t say enough about Mark Mattingly. He has been a huge help to both our church and me personally, as the Senior Pastor. I have observed him raise the level of our worship both musically and spiritually. He is spiritually mature and an extremely talented vocalist and keyboardist. I have watched him use his many years of experience to become a respected leader at our church, not only to our new believers but also to our seasoned Christians. He also puts forth the time and effort to personally work on developing others in becoming leaders within our church. Mark understands that our worship team’s vision must follow my vision for the church as the Senior Pastor. In fulfilling this, he supports and provides input to me, as appropriate. He never accepts mediocrity as a solution and challenges everyone around him to become the best they can be for Christ. His greatest contribution has been to me. He is a faithful voice to speak the truth to me, in love. He has a firm grasp on my vision for the church and has been a great influence on keeping me on track. He understands when to be silent and when to speak his mind. What a great asset to me and to our church. If I had the chance to work with him again, I would do it in a heartbeat. I would recommend him to any church looking to improve their worship experience.