Virtual Auditions


Worship Leader:  Do you need to have worship team auditions, but don’t like doing them?  As Worship Consultants, we understand auditions can create division, hurt feelings and even cause people to leave the church.  We are here to help.  Through our Virtual Auditions we create the assessment for you.  We evaluate each of your team members in up to 12 categories from an unbiased perspective.  We then provide you with the assessment so you can share the results with them, including areas of strengths and opportunities to improve.    We even make it extremely affordable at only $25 per person (4 person or $100 minimum).

We understand there is more to evaluations than just these 12 categories (i.e. spiritual maturity, personality attendance, etc.)  With our assessment and your personal insights of individual, we trust you will be able to have a comprehensive evaluation of each team member.  So how does it work?

  1. You upload a video of each team member singing/playing to our assessment site.
  2. We evaluate each of your team members in up to twelve categories (listed below).
  3. You receive individual assessments of each of your team members.*
    * A person singing and playing at the same time will get one assessment for their vocal skills and a separate assessment for their instrumental skills.


Only $25 per person ($100 minimum per church) for Virtual Audition Assessments!  (For a person both playing and singing, there is a $25 fee for a Vocal Assessment plus a $25 fee for an Instrumental Assessment.)


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