Submitting a Book Entry

This book is intended to help people know what it is like being a worship leader, encourage existing worship leaders and enlighten others on how to best support and relate to their worship leaders.

To achieve this, we are looking for book entries to be submitted from worship leaders, just like you, on a wide range of topics. Below is a list of these subjects. Please review these topics, select one (or more) to write on and fill out an Entry Form for each entry.

Which of these worship topic(s) will YOU write about?

  • How do YOU define “Worship”?
  • Do you have an original quote about worship?
  • What is your favorite worship scripture/passage and why?
  • What encouraging words do you have for other worship leaders?
  • What challenges have you faced as a worship leader?
  • What mistakes have you (or others) made while leading worship?
  • Do you have any personal examples of great relationships with pastors or co-workers?
  • Do you have any personal examples of challenging relationships with pastors or co-workers?
  • What would you like pastors to know about leading worship and worship leaders?
  • What would you like church members to know about leading worship and worship leaders?
  • How has your worship ministry impacted your church?
  • Do you have examples of people going beyond the call of duty within your worship team?
  • Do you have any true worship stories that are “hard to believe”?
  • How has God answered prayers within your worship ministry?
  • Describe a bad practice experience you had that later turned into a great worship service.
  • What bizarre technical difficulties have you experienced?
  • Do you have any true worship stories that are simply funny to share?
  • What scenarios have you experienced where team members have thought too highly of themselves?
  • How has God moved in a clear and powerful way in your worship ministry?
  • Have you had any “unique worship team members” (and their uniqueness)?
  • What interesting “accidents” have occurred during worship practices or services?
  • Have you experienced any interesting miscommunications during worship?
  • What other worship topics would you recommend for this book?

Submission Guidelines…

  • All stories and statements must be true events, situations or circumstances.
  • These submissions should be your experiences or events that you personally witnessed, not taken from hearsay or other indirect means.
  • Submissions should be 500 words or less.
  • Entries should be submitted no later than August 31, 2019.
  • Submissions should be sent through the Entry Form found here.

The Fine Print…

There is no obligation for any particular submission to be placed in this book.  Only submissions desired and that fit the context of the overall book will be selected. All submissions become the sole and exclusive right of this book and this book’s author(s).Our author(s) shall not be held liable for any content included or excluded from the book, its accuracy or in any other way.  Entry information in this book may be changed or altered at the sole discretion of the author(s) and for editorial or any other purposes.  Names in this book may be changed for any reason, including keeping the anonymity of the people.  Credit may be given to applicants for submissions that are placed in the book.  This may come in many different formats, including full name, first name only, initials, anonymous, years as a worship leader, etc.  Three accepted contributors will be selected to receive a complimentary copy of this book upon its completion.  No compensation, financial or otherwise, will be exchanged for submissions or entries.  Expectations, guidelines and criteria may change at any given time without notice.

Entry Form