Dr. Craig Gilbert Worship Consultant

Dr. Gilbert is an expert in worship design and in leading worship in multi style churches of all sizes. He specializes in teaching congregations about worship and training leaders how to design and lead worship that is congregation friendly. After serving in worship and arts leadership in five churches of different congregational sizes with over seven different senior pastors, eight associate pastors (including a time as an assistant pastor himself), various worship styles and formats, time constraints, etc. Dr. Gilbert is well versed in the problems and issues with worship in today’s church.

Mark Mattingly Founder & Consultant

Mark is the founder of WorshipConsulting.com, He has 20+ years of leading worship and consulting experience. He has extensive experience and specializes in working with churches going through significant transitions and challenging circumstances. He is the author of the popular worship devotional book, "The Power of 1º". He is a highly acclaimed teacher at worship conferences and a writer of articles for worship magazines. He enjoys unique challenges in both worship ministries and churches at large. He has served as a worship pastor, worship consultant, executive pastor and more.