Mark Mattingly has been instrumental in helping guide and strengthen congregations and worship ministries throughout the world.  With 20+ years of leading worship and over a decade as a Worship Consultant, God has used Mark to influence the worship culture.  From leading worship for amazing churches to being a worship author and songwriter, his influence has spanned further than imaginable.  His attitude and perspective enables him to pursue unique and creative ways of influencing strong, authentic worship.  His personality and passion is found as refreshing and contagious.

“What you do as a worship leader each week can be used by God to impact souls for eternity.”

I came to know Christ at an “seemingly ordinary worship service”.  The people leading worship that evening were unaware that God had used them to point me to Christ.  Through their service and obedience, my life was changed forever.  What the worship leader did that night impacted me for eternity.  Likewise, what you do each and every week as a worship leader can also be used by God to impact souls for eternity.

Be encouraged:  What you do as a worship leader each week matters.  You never know what extraordinary activities God is doing in what appears to be an ordinary worship service.  Be faithful in pointing people to Christ in every worship service you lead.  Be prayed up and expect God to do amazing things each week.  Only He can do the extraordinary with the ordinary…